Traditional Travel Agencies

Mill Run Tours Inc. is an airline ticket consolidator with 42+ years in the industry, our mission is to help travel agencies provide exceptional services to their clients. We are committed to providing you with the lowest airfares, the widest range of airlines and many destinations to grow your business. Our services are designed to cater to agencies of all sizes across the USA and customized to your unique needs to help you create the ideal traveling experience for customers.

Retain Your Best Employees with Higher Commissions

With so many places for customers to buy airline tickets these days, partnering your traditional agency with airline ticket consolidators is the best move for your business. We can help your agency stand out among other ticket vendors by providing more air carrier options and destinations worldwide. This way, you can increase your profit margins and reward your best employees with high commissions.

More Air Carrier Options

We understand the livelihood of your business is largely dependent on ticket sales. This is why we offer our agency clients over 50 airline options to help your valuable employees earn more commissions. Because our airline range features major air carriers, your staff has the opportunity to close deals with higher commissions.

Offer Hot-Ticket Items for More Commissions

If you are in the leisure travel business, you can increase commission revenue by offering customers vacation packages. Our airline ticket consolidators offer flights to many locations across the USA and to major cities around the world. This means you can purchase airline tickets to sought-after vacation destinations and agents can earn handsome commissions for every package deal sold.

Custom Itineraries for Valued Customers

Custom itineraries demand higher commissions because of the time and labor invested. Not only can your best employees enjoy high commissions, they can also charge higher consultation and planning fees. We make custom itinerary offers possible by giving you a wide range of airline choices, premium destinations and affordable airfares your budget-conscious customers will appreciate.

Offer Better Deals than Your Competitors

As more airline ticket vendors join the travel industry, it is imperative for the traditional agency to find ways to outplay the competition. This is exactly what airline ticket consolidators can help you achieve. We can help your agency become a leading provider of affordable airline tickets for customers searching for a great bargain.

Offer Flights at Lower Prices

In a tough economic climate, customers are constantly searching for a travel agency offering the best prices. We can help you keep your airfares low by giving you airline tickets at affordable prices. Our airline ticket consolidators can offer tickets at a discount so you can save money and in turn help your customers save big too.

Our discounted airline tickets allow you to set a reasonable mark-up without making the tickets expensive. This way, you can provide customers with cheaper flights without hurting your bottom line. Low prices bring in more customers and make your agency the preferred choice among today’s overpriced competitors.

Fly Customers to Exclusive Destinations

With over 50 airlines flying out to many destinations around the world, you can offer what your competitors do and much more. You can extend what you currently offer by including more carrier options and locations, and even tap into your competitors’ markets by offering both leisure and business travel.

Your agency can also venture into niche travel for customers traveling to uncommon locations and offer discounts for those traveling in groups. With our range of carriers and locations, you can form lasting relationships with customers as a one-stop shop agency for all traveling needs.

Provide Premium Customer Service

Customers are not only drawn to agencies with low prices and range, they are also looking for an agency that provides great customer service. Our airline ticket consolidators help you provide premium service for your customers with assistance from 200 call agents in six different locations.

Whether you need to purchase airline tickets urgently or simply need to browse our airline options, we attend to your request as soon as possible so you do not keep your customers waiting. Increase Your Profit Margin

We are dedicated to boosting your travel agency’s profit margin and have decades of experience doing so. Your business success is a priority to us, which is why we strive to provide our clients with everything needed to take your agency to the next level.

Cut Costs of Expenditure

Your bottom line is greatly affected by costs incurred from purchasing airline tickets. The lower the price of airline tickets, the more money you will save. For this reason, our airline ticket consolidators aim to keep airfares as affordable as possible to cut your business spending costs. Cutting your expenditure means your agency will have more revenue for employee salaries and to purchase more airline tickets in the future.

Set Higher Mark-Ups

We understand that your mark-up is the difference between costs and revenue. This is why we offer tickets at impressive discounts to our clients. Our discounts allow you to set the desired mark-up to increase profit without overpricing airline tickets for customers.

Earn Higher Commissions and Fees with Exclusive Packages

Airline ticket consolidators provide your agency with an unbeatable selection of airlines and location. With this much range, you can afford to put together exclusive vacation deals, corporate travel discounts and missionary travel packages to local and international locations.

These deals not only give you a leg up on your competition, but increase your capacity to serve a wide range of customers. Offering package deals warrants higher fees and commissions, which adds to overall revenue.

Extend Your Service Range for More Customers

Having access to many airlines and destinations also gives you the power to cater to customers outside your range of expertise. Leisure travel agencies can extend their services to corporate travel and serve niche markets to earn additional profit. If local travel was your specialty, you can expand your business to include international flights as well.

Having the ability to serve a variety of traveling needs grows your customer base and increases your income. Catering to many types of customers also helps you dominate the travel market in your area by offering more affordable deals than your competitors.

Working with our airline ticket consolidators can have many advantages for your business. We can give you airline tickets to many destinations around the world, a large database of airlines to choose from, and discounts to help you save on company costs. Not only can you broaden your services to include all types of travelers, we can help you beat out your competitors to be a leading agency in your region.

No matter the size of your agency or the market you cater to, airline ticket consolidators can help you achieve new levels of business success in a competitive travel industry.