Corporate Concierge

Mill Run Tours Inc., Finding the right corporate travel planners to handle your company’s business travel is crucial. The planner should be able to form a lasting relationship with your corporation and deliver premium services tailored to your needs. We at Millrun Tours have a successful track record of providing the best travel planning for corporate clients. Experienced, connected and accessible, we are just the right business travel partner your company needs.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer our clients:
  • Low airfares for cost-effective travel
  • Variety of travel destinations for corporate and leisure
  • Timely bookings
  • Efficient group travel
  • Top customer support
  • Advanced self-service system
  • 42+ years of industry expertise
  • Low airfares for cost-effective travel

When it comes to corporate travel, cost is arguably the most important factor. Your company needs corporate travel planners capable of providing affordable airline tickets on a continuing basis. Your agent should be able to keep traveling costs low and within or under budget. Fortunately, this is our specialty.

We go above and beyond providing travel agency services. We are airline ticket consolidators. Our business is to find airline tickets from various carriers for as low a price as possible. This allows us to offer businesses flights at remarkable discounts all the time. Our airfares are some of the lowest in the industry so we can offer flights compatible with your business’ budget.

Variety of travel destinations for corporate and leisure

We understand corporations need corporate travel planners with access to numerous destinations. This is why we offer flights from both local and international carriers. To be exact, we are in relationship with over 50 carriers to fly our business clients to wherever they need to be.

We can fly your executives and staff teams locally to several destinations around the USA. Our company also flies clients to numerous continents, including but not limited to the UK, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North, Central and South America.

Corporate travel does not only mean travelling for business. This is why we also offer your business low-cost flights to exotic destinations when executives and staff need to travel for leisure. We can fly you to Caribbean countries and sought-after leisure travel destinations like islands and remote countries around the world.

Timely bookings

Corporate travel is dynamic. Not only does your corporation need flights to various destinations, it also needs corporate travel planners who can arrange last-minute flights. With airline ticket consolidators, booking urgent flights is easy. Because of our extensive database of airlines, we can make timely booking to your desired destination.

Our competent staff is on call to help you make last-minute airline ticket purchases. We can also help you secure flights whether you are in the USA or half-way around the world. You can fly to any country at a moment’s notice or request emergency flights from an international country home or to another location.

Efficient Group Travel

We make provision for your entire company to fly in small or large groups. Regardless of the number of executives or staff members on the trip, our airline consolidators can make sure you get there safely, conveniently and cost-effectively. We offer group discounts for bulk airline ticket orders and can have all travelers seated on the same flights.

Top Customer Support

Our team is dedicated to meeting all your needs to form a good, lasting relationship with your business. We have a separate corporate travel division to deal with our business clients and to ensure you receive personalized service. Our company also boasts a dynamic sales divisions to deal with your air consolidation queries and purchases. If you have any specific queries about group travel, there is a division committed to making appropriate traveling arrangements as well.

To give your corporation prompt, professional service, we have recruited 200 travel agents. We have selected the crème of the travel industry crop to make sure our clients get top-notch, professional advice and recommendations. Our staff is able to dispense advice on a range of matters and deliver accurate information about flight details.

It is also our goal to make sure customer support agents are easily reachable. This is why we have centers in 6 US states: New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Washington DC and Massachusetts. If you are not in any of these states, you can always call us directly, email or send fax to our offices.

Advanced Self-Service System

We know how important it is for corporate travel planners to make their services available without having to visit or contact the agency. For this reason, we have created an advanced online reservation system to make your bookings whenever the need arises. Our system allows you to book flights 24 hours a day, in case you need an emergency flight.