Airline Consolidation for Niche Travel Agencies

Finding a niche in the travel industry is a profitable business strategy. It allows your travel agency to zone in on a specific type of customer need and meet it. However, there is fierce competition from other agencies and customers searching for their own deals. The best solution for any niche travel agency is to work together with airline consolidators to curb the competition and become a recommended agency for the targeted market.

How We Support Your Niche Travel Agency

Is your niche market corporate travelers, missionaries or couples looking for honeymoon packages? Whichever customers you have chosen to cater to, airline consolidators can help you become a leading provider of affordable travel packages in your particular niche.

We provide airline tickets for travel agencies who cater for:

  • Honeymooners
  • Vacationers
  • Corporate travelers
  • Adventure travelers
  • Faith-based travelers
  • Luxury travelers and many more

Discounted Airline Tickets = Affordable Flights for Customers

We know that the cost of airline tickets is a major expense in your travel packages. This is why our airline consolidators offer discounts on all purchases to cut costs for both your agency and your customers. Our low airfares help you cut the cost of buying airline tickets and make it possible for your agency to offer cheaper flights to your customers.

More Destinations = More Business

In addition to providing low airfares to travel agencies, we also offer airline tickets to more destinations. Our locations include those in and around the USA, Europe, the Middle East and other major destinations around the world. Not only are our airline tickets for domestic and international travel, we also provide tickets for exotic locations.

Unique Destination = Exclusive Deals

Having access to airline tickets to the above locations enables you to offer deals your competitors cannot match. Instead of providing travel packages to the usual destinations, you can personalize deals for customers and suggest new, unique locations for them to visit. If a customer already has an exotic destination in mind, you can be one of the few providers to have the airline tickets they need to fly there.

Exclusive Deals = More Referrals

Offering exclusive, affordable deals results in happy customers who can refer others to your travel agency. Satisfied customers are one of the most important sources of business referrals. They can help spread the word about your services and increase your profit margin by pulling in new customers.

Airline Consolidators = More Revenue

Choosing us as your provider of airline tickets can help generate more income and commissions for our agency in a number of ways. Firstly, our low airfares help you reduce your agency’s expenditure. Secondly, exclusive destinations bring in more customers. Thirdly, satisfied customers help rake in new business through referrals. All these factors work together to benefit your agency’s bottom line.

In addition to increased revenue, airline consolidators can help agents earn more commissions by organizing custom itineraries for customers. Custom itineraries require research into a location, planning and arranging the details of a trip. Agencies can charge more for this labor-intensive service and secure commissions for their best employees.

No matter the size of your agency or the market you cater to, airline ticket consolidators can help you achieve new levels of business success in a competitive travel industry.