Our Divisions

Our office branches are home to some of the friendliest, professional agents in the industry. We are always eager to meet new clients and introduce agencies to our services. We also enjoy interacting with existing clients and always excited to find new ways to bring your agency more business. Our agents have unique specialties and strive to excel in their respective divisions to provide premier customer service.


Our dedicated sales staff is available to handle all your airline ticket queries, issues, and purchases. If you are a new client, you can request a walkthrough of our services. For existing clients, the sales division is committed to helping you achieve higher levels of industry success.

Traditional Travel Agencies

If you run a traditional agency, our sales division can offer services to help you thrive in a changing industry. We provide bulk discounts to pad your bottom line and coveted flight locations to help you improve your travel deals. Our objective is to not only show you how to rise above competitors, but also to magnify your profit margins to retain as many employees as possible.

Home-Based Travel Agencies

No matter the size of your home-based travel agency, we can help you offer competitive travel deals to earn more referrals and more customers. You can collaborate with our sales team to determine which bulk airline tickets can benefit your business and how to shift your budget around to increase your monthly income.

Group Travel

Group travel is a valued niche in the travel industry and holds much potential for travel agencies in the field. We can help you organize flights for any number of travelers at the lowest costs. Whether your customers want short vacations or global tours, we can provide the best seats on the best airlines to the best destinations to exceed your customers’ expectations.

We can help you cater to the needs of group travelers, including:

  • Missionary groups, churches, and non-profit organizations
  • Wedding parties
  • Large families
  • Corporate teams and much more

Corporate Travel

Let us help you expand your customer base of corporate travel clients. We achieve this by offering flights to frequently visited and exotic locations for travelers. We also partner with over 50 airlines to let your customers choose their preferred carrier.

Our corporate travel destinations include:

  • Locations across the United States
  • Europe
  • UK
  • The Middle East (United Arab Emirates)
  • Asian countries
  • Africa
  • North, Central and South America
  • The Caribbean and other islands

Retail Travel

Our coveted destinations and airline options are also open to retail travel agencies specializing in personal holiday and leisure travel. You can arrange travel packages for customers interested in visiting the Americas, the Middle East, Europe, UK, Africa, Asian, Caribbean locations and many more. You can book short return tickets or organize connecting flights for touring travelers.

No matter how big or small, general or specific your travel agency is, our staff can help you find affordable consolidated airfares. Drop by at any one of our centers or give us a call to start planning your purchases today.