About us

Established in 1974, Millrun is recognized in the travel industry as one of the leading providers of wholesale flights. Much more than an air travel wholesaler, the company offers valuable services and opportunities for travel agencies looking to improve their services and expand their business. With 40 years of success in the industry, Millrun has refined its airline consolidation techniques to provide unmatched prices, quality, and customer service.

40 Years in Travel

For decades, Millrun has been a prominent supplier of consolidator flights. The company has invested all its years of industry knowledge to help travel agencies in the USA offer premier services to their customers. It offers expertise and business relationships formed with airlines to provide exceptionally low airfares for the benefit of agencies and travelers alike.

Caters to Agencies of All Types

We at Millrun are mindful of the unique needs of travel agencies and have designed services appropriate for the size and type of your business. We are an airline consolidator for traditional and home-based travel agencies of any size. Our company also handles agencies in all niches, including corporate travel, leisure, religious, missionary and group travelers.

Our goal is to help your travel agency live up to its fullest potential at every stage of growth. We help home-based travel agents compete with large agencies by offering special flight prices and exclusive deals. We also strengthen important revenue channels like referrals and make our consolidator flights cheaper so agents can earn higher salaries per month.

For traditional agencies, Millrun offers unique destinations for competitive advantage and give agents the opportunity to upsell to boost overall commissions. We strive to keep traditional agencies in business by presenting numerous opportunities to expand their customer base and enlarge their profit margins.

Negotiates with Over 50 Carriers

One of the elements that sets us apart as a respected airline consolidator is the relationships we have with airlines. We are in constant negotiation with domestic and international airlines to ensure our clients get the best discounts on flights. Some of the air carriers we are affiliated with include United Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Delta, Lufthansa and United Airlines.

This extensive selection of both major and smaller airlines gives agencies the variety they need to choose the best flights for their clients. Travel agencies can find affordable consolidator flights for clients with restrictive budgets and strict company business travel policies. Clients who prefer luxury over cost can book flights on reputable air carriers and enjoy exclusive upgrades.

Whatever your clients prefer, we can negotiate airfares with the air carrier of their choosing.

200 Professional Travel Agents on Staff

To guarantee Millrun’s agency clients receive the best service, we have staffed 200 agents to attend to your needs. Our large staff is trained to deal with a high volume of calls and consultations to make sure you are never left waiting. Whether you prefer to visit our branches physically or discuss business over the phone, our staff responds in a timely manner to help you resolve issues quickly.
The 200-strong staff does not consist of ordinary agents. Our agents are travel professionals with plenty of industry experience. They can answer all your burning questions and offer advice on ticket purchases you need to make for your agency. Our staff is trained to deliver helpful recommendations and tips to assist you in making the best decisions for your agency.
Take advantage of their expertise to get the biggest discounts on airline tickets and the best consolidator flights for your clientele. Agents can help you create customized travel deals, assist in marketing strategies and offer general advice on how to take your business success to a whole new level.

Help Centers in 6 Locations

To further prove our commitment to providing the best customer services, we have Millrun branches in 6 locations within the USA. You can visit, call or send a fax to your nearest center during working hours. Our branch locations include New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Washington DC and Massachusetts.
We have purposely selected locations in major cities to be accessible to as many of our clients as possible. New York clients can find us on Madison Avenue, Texas agencies can find us in Houston and California agencies can visit us at our branch in Los Angeles. For clients in the Washington DC, we are located in Broad Street and Massachusetts agents can find us in Boston.

Efficient and Convenient Self-Service

Our branches are there for any of our clients who want to consult with us one on one. Outside of our centers, we offer agencies an efficient self-service system to view available flights and make purchases. Our advanced system allows agencies to see which flights are available from wherever you are. You can pull up the information to inform your customers instantly. Our ticketing system also lets you make flight bookings online. You can reserve airline seats quickly from any location and complete purchases safely through our secure technology. This service not only helps you book flights faster, but is also handy in situations when your customers need urgent flights.
You can find all the airlines you need on our online system, as well as ticket prices. Should you run into a problem while using our site, you can make a quick call to one of our branches to speak to an agent.

More than an Airline Consolidator

Millrun aims to offer much more than discounted airline tickets. We are dedicated to forming relationships with agencies all over the United States. Our company is invested in growing your agency and giving you the resources needed to expand and thrive. It is our priority to ensure you become a travel industry leader by creating one-of-a-kind traveling experiences for your clients.
Respected, reputable and experienced, Millrun is a reliable airline consolidator for all types of travel agencies. We combine cost-effective airfare with range and expertise to help your business prosper in an ever-changing, ever-competitive industry.