International Air Consolidators

Need more affordable international flights for your customers? Get expert help from international air consolidators. We are in the business of providing travel agencies with budget-friendly airline tickets for customers traveling overseas. Not only do we specialize in supplying low-cost flights, we also offer a diverse selection of destinations to suit customers traveling for all purposes.

International air consolidators can have travel agents:

  • Find cheaper flight options for international travelers
  • Organize trips to many overseas destinations
  • Fly corporate customers to top business locations
  • Fly leisure customers to unique locations
  • Fly religious and missionary travelers around the world
  • Create unique travel packages for niche markets
  • Make arrangements for group travelers
  • Find credible, safe and affordable airlines

Find Cheaper Flight Options for International Travelers

Traveling overseas is not cheap but you can make it affordable with discounted fares from international air consolidators. Travel agencies can browse through our database of 50+ airlines and compare the price of tickets for every air carrier. This way, you can find the most cost-effective options and offer them to your customers to lessen their traveling expenses.

Our consolidated airfares help you offer customers competitive flight prices. Offering travelers low prices gives your travel agency an edge and can help you outsell competing agencies. Our fares can also attract travelers searching for affordable deals on the internet.

Organize Trips to Many Overseas Destinations

On top of giving you numerous airlines to choose from, we also provide your agency with top destinations. We have flights going out to South America, the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the UAE. Our airline tickets can also secure flights to the Caribbean and many other islands. This way, you can meet the needs of a broad range of customers traveling for different reasons.

Fly Corporate Customers to Top Business Locations

Forming good relationships with corporate customers can be very lucrative for your business. In order to meet their needs, your agency needs to have access to different airlines, locations and cheaper flights to help save them as much money as possible. International air consolidators can assist in meeting your agency’s corporate concierge goals by giving you access to air carriers and low ticket fares.

We source airline tickets from many air carriers because we want to help your agency meet the needs of all corporate travelers. You can deliver cheaper flight options for business customers with small traveling budgets. You can find luxury airlines for executives who value quality. You can arrange flight tickets for lone travelers or even colleagues traveling in groups. Whatever kind of corporate concierge service you provide, international air consolidators can supply your demand.

Our flights go out to top business destinations such as Asia, Europe, and United Arab Emirates. We also offer seats in airlines traveling to major cities in Africa, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. You can choose airline tickets in economy, business or first class according to your customers’ preferences.

Fly Leisure Customers to Unique Locations

If your agency has customers looking for an adventurous getaway, you can arrange travel packages to fresh, unique locations. We offer destinations to the Caribbean and many exclusive islands. We can also help you arrange flights to highly reviewed tourist destinations to give customers an unforgettable yet affordable trip.

Fly Religious and Missionary Travelers around the World

Religious groups and missionaries are a great market to cater to. These travelers frequently fly out to religious sites on certain seasons, tour countries with religious significance and reach communities in the furthest corners of the world. Like all travelers, they are budget-conscious and are looking for ways to decrease traveling costs.

Your agency can earn a reputation as the best place to look for religious and missionary travel packages in your region. Find the best airline ticket deals from international air consolidators to offer your customers custom, cost-effective deals to countries and continents of their choice. Our consolidated fares also allow your agency to book flights for both short missions and extended overseas tours.

Create Unique Travel Packages for Niche Markets

Knowing your agency has access to popular and exotic locations opens up opportunities of creating unique travel packages for niche markets. Bridal travel agencies can organize exclusive honeymoon packages for newlyweds. Agencies for thrill-seekers can fly customers out to adventurous locations. Your agency can fly out customers on educational expeditions to remote countries. Regardless of your niche, working with international air consolidators can help you deliver great services.

Make Arrangements for Group Travelers

We can help you make a name for your agency as experts of group travel. Regardless of the size of the group or where they need to travel to, you can secure group airline tickets with us. This allows your agency to seat all travelers on the same airlines and travel together to numerous destinations.

You can ask groups to book tickets in advance so you can purchase flights in bulk at a greater discount. Order as many airline tickets as you need and plan itineraries for customers to earn higher commissions.

Find Credible, Safe and Affordable Airlines

Purchasing airline tickets from airlines in foreign countries can sometimes be challenging, not to mention the risks involved in making international transactions. Buying directly from these airlines can also be expensive. Fortunately, international air consolidators do the groundwork so you don’t have to.

We have an incredible database of airlines that is 40 years in the making. Our consolidators have nurtured relationships with some of the best air carriers around the world to negotiate ticket prices down just for you. To add value to our service, we have also selected air carriers reputed for their quality service and passenger safety. This way, you can rest assured your customers will be safe during their flight.

There are many benefits to making international air consolidators your source of affordable flights. We have the pick of the best airlines, destinations and prices in the travel industry. Contact us today to speak to our 200 agents across the USA eagerly waiting to help your next ticket purchase.