Religious and Group Travel

Many travelers do not realize how much time and money they can save on flights, especially when you are traveling for religious purposes or in groups. We can help cut your costs of travel with consolidated airfares to many local and worldwide destinations. With 40 years of experience supplying travelers with affordable flights and exclusive deals, we offer packages most religious travel agencies simply cannot.

We make traveling cost-effective for you by offering:

  • Affordable bulk airline tickets on discount
  • Flights in emergencies and during busy seasons
  • Travel services for all types of group and religious travelers
  • Flights to all types of destinations
  • Tour travel planning and custom itineraries
  • Time-saving airline ticket purchases
  • Large selection of airlines
  • Industry experience on group travel
  • Affordable Bulk Airline Tickets on Discounts
Traveling frequently or in groups does not need to be expensive. It is possible to travel affordably when you are working with a trusted airline consolidator, which is what we are. A consolidator’s job is to hunt for the best airline tickets and buy them at very low prices. After we have secured the flights, we offer them to our clients at cheap prices. This is how we can afford to fly you locally and across the world at a fraction of your budget.

If you are traveling in a group, we are able to secure flights for all the members involved. We offer tickets in bulk and can also make sure you are all on the same airline from the trip’s start to finish. For religious travelers, we can fly you affordably to Holy lands every time you need to pay pilgrimage. Whether you need to attend HAJJ or fly out for mass in Rome, we can get you there without breaking the bank.

Flights in Emergencies and During Busy Seasons

Because of the number of people traveling to Holy lands and holiday destinations each year, it can be difficult to find flights from group and religious travel agencies during busy seasons. This is why we make sure there are always airline tickets to top-visited destinations in advance. You can reserve flights with us months before the trip for a great discount or book airline tickets urgently if you were unable to anticipate the trip.

Travel emergencies also include instances where you are overseas and you need a flight for you or a member of the group. Whether someone is accidentally left behind or you just need to fly somewhere else, we are here to assist. While you would usually pay a fortune for emergency flights, our work as airline consolidators helps us fly travelers in trouble at low cost.

Travel Services for All Types of Group and Religious Travelers
Are you traveling with your family, friends or colleagues? We assist all types of group travelers, regardless of the number or size. Our airline consolidators have access to a high volume of flights so we can seat all the members of your party. Our travel services are also suitable for clients traveling with kids, pets and special items.

Flights to All Types of Destinations

There is nowhere you cannot travel to with our consolidated fares. Whether you visit family, work or need to attend religious meetings frequently in other states, we offer some of the lowest domestic airfares in the country.

If you frequently travel overseas for annual or monthly religious commitments, we can supply affordable flights to North, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and many international hot spots. If your group of family, friends or staff members want to experience a vacation in the Caribbean or exotic islands, we can arrange an exclusive bulk travel package just for you.

Tour Travel Planning and Custom Itineraries

It is imperative for group and religious travel agencies to be able to plan itineraries for extended trips, especially if you are traveling overseas. We do better than that. If you are going for a tour or extended stays, we can create, customize and manage your itinerary to make sure you have peace of mind during your travels. Airline consolidators are skilled at organizing complex flight plans for any duration of time.

Usually, having a group itinerary can become complicated. Fortunately, we have had 40 years of practice. We can plan your itinerary down to the last detail and make sure you know exactly which flight you are taking on which day. If your travel plans change on your trip, we are able to accommodate those changes and arrange alternative plans to get you back on track.

Time-Saving Airline Ticket Purchases

We can save you lots of valuable time searching the net for flight deals and information about locations. We have 200 in-house travel experts to give you top travel advice on which airline tickets to buy, how and the best places to fly to. You can contact our agents via email, telephone, and fax or physically at branches in New York, Illinois, Washington DC, Texas, Massachusetts and California.

Once you have decided where to go and which flights are best, you can complete your purchase at the branch or through our intelligent, secure reservation system.

Large Selection of Airlines

There are only a few group and religious travel agencies that can match our range of airlines. We have direct access to over 50 airlines in the USA and countries the world over. Airlines range from the very prestigious, luxury airlines to smaller air carriers. As respected airline ticket consolidated, we are able to discuss ticket costs with our airline partners to give you a great bargain.

Industry Experience on Group Travel

We have spent the last 40 years mastering group and religious travel so our traveler clients can benefit from our experience. From access to exclusive airlines and popular locations to bulk ticket airlines and attentive customer support, our mission is to go beyond the extra mile to satisfy our valued customers.

As an airline consolidator with years of travel planning and management experience, you can be sure you will receive service that is nothing less than exceptional.