Bulk Airline Tickets for Corporate Travel Agencies

Lower Airline Ticket Prices = More Upsell Opportunities

Business travelers are extremely budget-conscious and need a travel agency capable of keeping costs as low as possible. Our airline ticket consolidators can help you become the go-to agency for affordable business travel. Bulk airline tickets discounts allow you to offer tickets at much lower prices to make business trips more affordable. They also give your agents the freedom to upsell to make more profit.

  • Discounted Airline Tickets for Affordable Travel Packages

Many companies look to corporate travel agencies to arrange traveling packages at low cost. With help from our consolidators, you can arrange reasonably priced business flights for your customers with our discounted bulk airline tickets.

Our low airfares benefit your agency in two ways. First, you save on purchasing costs. Second, you can add a mark-up while still keeping costs for your customers low. This way, your agency makes good profit and offers business clients a cost-effective way to travel at the same time.

  • More Upsell Opportunities

Upselling is a great way to boost your travel agency’s income. Offering seat upgrades and other travel-related products are tools to increase revenue and provide a comfortable traveling experience for customers.

Because upselling can hike the price of airline tickets significantly, we sell our tickets to your agency cheaply to give you more upselling opportunities. This way your customers can enjoy convenient travel without stretching the budget while you make extra from upselling add-ons.

  • Increase Sales for More Revenue

Purchasing bulk airline tickets is highly recommended for corporate travel agencies. This is because business clients travel more frequently than leisure customers. Our bulk offers give you more seats to fill, allowing you to keep up with the constant demand for flights.

Offer More Exotic and Unique Destinations

In business travel, the destinations customers may want to travel to are virtually unlimited. From the USA to the Middle East, business travelers need an agency that offers domestic and international flights affordably and quickly. We offer you a solution with bulk airline tickets to several locations in the US as well as overseas.

  • Schedule Flights to More Destinations

Do your clients frequently need to travel across states or to exotic locations for business? Our bulk airline tickets can help you meet the needs of business travelers who need to fly cross-country, as well as those who need to attend business appointments and meetings in remote countries. Our airline tickets include local destinations and worldwide locations like Europe and the UAE.

  • Get Access to Exclusive Airlines

Working with us gives your travel agency access to an extensive range of airlines. This is beneficial because it allows you to compare ticket prices of each airline and make purchases suitable for your budget. More airline options also help tailor flight deals to customers who prefer some airlines to others or would like to switch to a new one.

  • Get Airline Tickets Quickly and Conveniently

Because business travel is a fast-paced industry, you need to have a consolidator who can supply airline tickets in a timely manner. We achieve this through our 200-agent staff eagerly waiting to help with your ticket purchase. We consider all our agency clients our first priority and strive to provide you with what you need promptly and professionally.

Outsell Your Competitors

Standing out from the competition can be challenging in an industry saturated with airline ticket vendors. Associating with us can help establish a great reputation for your travel agency, outsell your competition and consequently generate more revenue.

  • Offer A Seamless Travel Experience

With exclusive access to bulk airline tickets to almost every location around the globe, your customers can trust you to take care of their traveling plans so they can worry about business. Whether travelers want to fly locally or internationally, you can offer complete packages and itineraries to create a seamless travel experience.

Creating a comfortable, convenient and affordable traveling experience for customers is crucial to lasting business success. Meeting your clients’ needs can earn you great referrals and place you as a recommended agency for business travel. Referrals attract more business, which increases profits.

  • Gain Competitive Advantage with Unique Destinations

Corporate travelers often have to visit exotic locations for business meetings or team-building trips. Our bulk airline tickets can help you become a trusted provider of flights to the most remote locations. You can arrange exclusive travel deals to locations worldwide to set your offers apart from the competition.

  • Arrange Exclusive Group Travel Packages

Another way to position your travel agency above competitors is to provide deals for customers traveling in groups. You can purchase our airline tickets in bulk at a discount and combine them to create special packages for executives and employees.

  • Improve Your Customer Service

Quality of customer service is an often overlooked factor that can distinguish your agency from other providers. Reliability and timeliness are qualities customers consider when choosing an agency with which to form lasting relationships.

We help you live up to your clients’ expectations by providing you with the airline tickets your customers need and delivering them in a well-timed, professional manner. We have a staff of 200 agents distributed in 6 locations to make ticket purchase as smooth as possible and to help you deal with customer requests quickly.

  • Offer Unmatched Airline Ticket Prices

Ultimately, what matters most to your customers is the cost of airline tickets. Business travelers work on strict budgets, some which can be high and others very low. Regardless of the budget you are given, you can still manage to cut customer traveling costs and use your discounts as a selling point in your marketing efforts.


We buy bulk airline tickets at the lowest prices possible, so you purchase them at a great discount. Because you save money, you can afford to extend discounts to your customers, even when you upsell. Discounts are a great way to attract new business and will have happy customers referring your agency to others.

Choose to partner with us today to receive airline tickets to many local and international locations at the lowest prices. Our services can help you become a recommended travel agency where customers can find affordable travel packages, flights to unique destinations and great customer service.