As a missionary, fulfilling the duties of your cause is of utmost importance. This is why we want to make traveling affordable and easy, so you can focus on your work. As airline ticket consolidators and travel experts, we are able to provide travelers with discounted flights to almost every part of the world. Experienced and reliable, it is our mission to make yours as cost-effective as possible and be a missionary travel agency you can trust.

To ensure we meet your traveling needs, we offer:

  • Low-cost airline tickets for affordable travel
  • Many destinations for worldwide travel
  • Local and international airline access
  • Short-term and long-term tours
  • Customized itineraries
  • Emergency flights and services
  • Self-service systems for convenience
  • Expert industry advice to ensure customer safety

Low-Cost Airline Tickets for Affordable Travel

International air travel has become expensive over the years and booking directly with airlines can stretch your budget even further. We have devised a way to provide low airfares despite the fluctuating economy: airline consolidation. We source bulk airline tickets from a range of air carriers and offer them to our clients at much lower prices. As a result, our missionary clients get cheaper flights to countries around the world.

Whether you are traveling for religious purposes, humanitarian missions or both, we can provide affordable travel for your ministry. Profit or non-profit organization, our discounted flights make us a missionary travel agency you can rely on for low-cost travel.

Many Destinations for Worldwide Travel

In missionary and humanitarian work, there is no telling where your calling might take you next. This is why we offer an extensive list of destinations. We have flights to popular destinations as well as remote locations. Whether you need to travel to Africa or Asia, we can provide an affordable, convenient way to get you there.

Our locations include major states in the USA for those who frequently fly domestically. We also offer consolidated flights to Africa, Asia, Europe, UK, the Middle East as well as South, Central and North American countries. We make provision for those seeking to travel to the Caribbean and islands across the world.

Local and International Airline Access

Booking flights on international airlines can be challenging, especially when you are not physically present in the country in question. For this, you need a missionary travel agency with access to foreign air carriers and the ability to purchase airline tickets easily. As an airline consolidator, this is an easy mission for us.

We have long-term access to 50+ airlines in various international countries. Some of these include Air France, Lufthansa, United Airlines, British Airways and Austrian Airlines. Not only do we have access to the air carriers, we are constantly negotiating prices down so we can offer missionary travelers sizeable discounts on flights.

Whichever type of airline you prefer, we have it. If you prefer smaller airlines traveling to remote and exotic locations, you can find flights on them. If you prefer reputable, luxury air carriers but want to cut down costs, we can make it happen too.

Short-Term and Long-Term Tours

Whether you are traveling for a few days or several months, our missionary travel agency services covers short and long-term trips. We can organize all the flights you need to make throughout the duration of your tour. You can also purchase airline tickets well in advance not only to receive a discount, but to plan your itinerary in time.

In addition to organizing tours of any length, we also cater to group travelers as well. Members of your organizations, church or group can travel together. No matter how many flights you need, you can travel as a unit from location to location. Bulk purchases are available for groups of any size.

Customized Itineraries

Are you going on a tour of a Holy Land or visiting various communities in different countries? Let us create a custom itinerary for you. We can arrange airline tickets for any stage of your mission, whether you want to travel locally within the country or fly across continents within a set period of time. Custom itineraries are convenient and give you the security of knowing your flights are taken care of.

Emergency Flights and Services

One of the duties of a missionary travel agency is to be able to book flights for you in cases of emergency. We can secure flights if you are in a foreign country and are dispatched to another location or need to return home as soon as possible. We also offer urgent flights for our clients who need to be at a certain destination urgently.

Self-Service Systems for Convenience

You can book your own flights at any time of the day and from any location. Our technologically-advanced booking systems can be accessed easily at any point to enquire about the availability of flights and to make quick ticket purchases. The system also allows our clients to view important details regarding the flights to compare prices and make budget-savvy traveling decisions.

If you prefer one-on-one help, our 200 expert agents can assist in all travel matters. You can call, fax or email our agents with your questions and requests, and we will respond professionally, accurately and promptly. You can learn more about our missionary travel agency services, get help planning your trip and receive budget-related advice on how to keep traveling costs low.

To ensure our clients receive even better service, you can visit our agents in person at any of our USA branches. With offices in New York, California, Texas, Washington DC, Illinois and Massachusetts, we strive to be as accessible to our clients as possible.

Expert Industry Advice to Ensure Customer Safety

With international missionary travel, safety is a priority. We can help to secure your safety by offering flights on respected air carriers and providing valuable travel safety advice. If you are unsure about certain locations or airlines, we can recommend the best options to ensure you arrive where you need to be safely. With 40 years of industry experience backing us, you can be sure your safety and convenience is our major concern.